Dance – A form of emotional expression for children

Dancing perhaps constitutes the most appropriate activity for every child as it combines fun with entertainment and exercise.

Dancing offers entertainment and physical health as it exercises both body and mind. Dancing is an integral part of human expression.

Even before they walk, all infants move their bodies to the rhythm of the music, express themselves and feel satisfaction.6905975-guy-play-girl-dance

Studies show that, when hearing music, the brain perceives loud sounds as sudden movements and while trying to balance the body, it orders it to move. This process causes, according to scientists, a strong sense of pleasure that surrounds the body.

The benefits of dance for our children:

1.It urges them to develop healthy physical standards while avoiding childhood obesity. It is no coincidence that dancers have admirable bodies. Dancing – along with swimming – is one of the best aerobic exercises. It increases the rate of metabolism, helps burn calories and thus contributes to weight loss. Dancing strengthens the body and exercises arms and legs while giving flexibility.

2.The student is taught to coordinate the various parts of his body, gaining harmony in motion. The child learns to master his body and self and acquires discipline and composure.

3.The benefits, however, are not just physical. Dancing helps with mental balance as it offers the possibility of expression and externalisation of the soul. Dancing unloads children, offers a way out of the routine, the problems and stress of childhood. Children find other ways to communicate, apart from verbal, to convey their feelings.

4.Due to their young age, children learn movements, dances and choreographies fast, which makes them feel satisfied and confident.

5.Dancing helps children become more sociable as they meet other children beyond their peers, with common interest in dance. Children meet adults and dance teachers who teach and guide them, thus setting an example for them.


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